Following the recommendations of the authorities for the coronavirus pandemic, SARA Pharm has taken the necessary measures to ensure the continuity of its activity. The current projects are on-going. The laboratory is operational and the necessary precautions have been taken to allow the safe reception of samples. We do not foresee any impact on our activity to date. In the event of an evolution, we will not fail to keep you informed.

Advanced Material & Catalysis

SARA Pharm Solutions has strong materials science and catalysis research and development programs. Our ambition is to accelerate the discovery and development of novel materials and processes for existing and emerging applications.

Our business model has two complementary stategic directions:

  • developing and future licesing of proprietary products and processes  
  • providing services and consultancy that enable continued growth


SARA Pharm Solutions provides research and development services to clients that are seeking expertise in the understanding and developing of catalytic chemical processes.

We take client problems and work together, to find the optimal catalyst and process parameters for improved reaction performance. Any of the reaction parameters can be investigated to meet the ultimate design requirements of the client.

This may include:

  • catalyst discovery & characterization
  • catalyst testing
  • process optimization

We are also actively pursuing opportunities to work with leading academic institutions on tackling unmet challenges in catalysis bringing new knowledge and capabilities to the market.

Advanced Materials

SARA Pharm Solutions main area of proficiency in material science is the synthesis, characterization, and modification of new materials with well controlled size, morphology, internal structure, composition, and surface properties.
Moreover, micrometer, submicrometer, and nanometer size materials, metallic or non-metallic, deposited or not, could be of interest for a variety of applications: pharmaceuticals, electronics, energy conversion and storage (PEM and SO fuel cells), emissions control, sensors, and metallurgy.