Following the recommendations of the authorities for the coronavirus pandemic, SARA Pharm has taken the necessary measures to ensure the continuity of its activity. The current projects are on-going. The laboratory is operational and the necessary precautions have been taken to allow the safe reception of samples. We do not foresee any impact on our activity to date. In the event of an evolution, we will not fail to keep you informed.

Enhance bio-availability of your drug

SARA Pharm Solutions scientists concentrate on enhacing drug bio-availability by locating the solid form of your API with the physico-chemical properties corresponding to a successful lead candidate. For the challenging drug substances (e.g. BCS Classes 2 and 4) our scientists provide innovative pre-clinical formulation solutions.

Our offer includes:

  • tailored polymorph, salt, co-crystal and ASD screening programs
  • analytical assessment and selection of drug substance solid forms
  • scale-up and optimization of the crystallization process