August 26th

We are proud to announce that our latest manuscript “Isomorphic Channel-Type Pseudopolymorphs of Azathioprine: From Structural Confirmations to a Rational Polymorph Screening Approach” was accepted by Crystal Growth & Design. The main goal of the study is to understand the isostructurality exhibited by the core molecule (immunosuppressant drug Azathioprine) in interaction with four organic strong polar solvents through its similarities in conformation and molecular packing. The structural characterization of the four isomorphic channel-type pseudopolymorphs, together with the so far-unknown crystal structure of all of them by SC-XRD analysis allows for a comparative study of the conformational flexibility of AZA, and it provides knowledge about the factors that govern the molecular organization within the crystal structures of the investigated AZA solvates series. Moreover, this study provides a viable strategy for enabling early new drug forms and aims to transform a systematic screen into a rational polymorph screening approach contributing to a better understanding of drug polymorphism landscape in the view of solubility data gathered out in the primary steps of the screening programs. The detailed results of the study can be read here: and we hope you will find it interesting.