Research (Analytical/Pre-formulation) Scientist

Description of Duties & Responsibilities:

  • conduct fundamental physico-chemical characterization of small drug molecules including pH-solubility profile, pKa, partition coefficients, polymorphism/salt/co-crystal screening, solid and solution state stability studies
  • conduct drug-excipient compatibility and other relevant studies to provide active support to formulators in the formulation development process
  • conduct physchem properties evaluation on API and formulations using DSC, TGA, XRPD, HPLC, NMR, DVS, FTIR, Raman, and others
  • perform experiments to monitor physical form change during pharmaceutical processing


  • M.Sc./Ph.D. in Chemistry/ Chemical Engineering/ Physics/ Pharmaceutics;
  • Minimum 3 years working experience, minimum 1 year working experience in a chemistry lab;
  • fundamental knowledge of pharmaceutical product development is highly important
  • experience in analytical techniques such as X-ray diffraction on powders and/or single-crystal, thermal analysis;
  • a good understanding of formulations, especially solid dosage forms is necessary
  • must be able to work in a team environment
  • excellent verbal and written communication skills
We also encourage smart, creative, “outside the box thinking” and enthusiastic scientists with pharmaceutical, physical-organic chemistry, or polymer science/drug delivery background to send in an open application to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with the remark, “open application”. Please attach your up-to-date resume and letter of application. Thank you.