SARA Pharm Solutions will be part of the Romanian Economic Mission in Brazil and Argentina. This mission is organized by the Romanian Government.

SARA Pharm Solutions will attend Chem Outsourcing in Long Branch, New Jersey, US.

Sara Pharma Solutions is honored to announce the appointment of Professor Elod Gyenge to the Advisory Board. Elod Gyenge is Professor of Electrochemistry and Electrochemical Engineering at Chemical and Biological Engineering Department of University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.

SARA Pharm Solutions announces the purchase of thermal analysis instruments (DSC, TGA) from Setaram, France (

SARA Pharm Solutions announces the purchase of a new D8 DISCOVER DAVINCI ( instrument. This High Throughput X-Ray Powder Diffraction (HT-XRPD) instrument is ready to run a 96-well plate in only 2.5hrs.

SARA Pharm Solutions opens its lab facilities in Bucharest, Romania. The labs are equipped with the latest solid state technology.