January 25th, 2021

We are proud to announce that our latest manuscript, part as H2020-MSCA-RISE-2017 consortium (CLATHROPROBES project) was accepted by Molecules. In this paper, we report the in situ spectroelectrochemical cyclic voltammetric studies of the antimony-monocapped nickel(II) and iron(II) tris-pyridineoximates with a labile triethylantimony cross-linking group and Zr(IV)/Hf(IV) phthalocyaninate complexes in order to understand the nature of the redox events in the molecules of heterodinuclear zirconium(IV) and hafnium(IV) phthalocyaninate-capped derivatives. The investigated hybrid molecular systems that combine a transition metal (pseudo)clathrochelate and a Zr/Hf-phthalocyaninate moiety exhibit quite rich redox activity both in the cathodic and in the anodic region. The detailed studies of the abovementioned compounds can read it here: https://www.mdpi.com/1420-3049/26/2/336/htm

This work was supported by the European Commission H2020-MSCA-RISE-2017 Grant number, 778245, by the Slovak Grant Agencies APVV (contract Nos. APVV-15-0053, APVV-15-0079, APVV-19-0024 and DS-FR-19-0035) and VEGA (contracts No. 1/0139/20, 1/0718/19, 1/0504/20 and 1/0466/18), and by the Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT) and project UIDB/00100/2020 of Centro de Química Estrutural, Portugal.