Sara Pharm Solution has carried out an in-house research program towards the development of shape-stabilized phase change materials. Together with scientists from University “Politehnica” of Bucharest and the “Ilie Murgulescu” Institute of Physical Chemistry, our team developed new shape-stabilized materials with large heat of fusion values (up to 124 kJ/kg) and a theoretical model to help others design better such materials. You can read more in the Journal of Physical Chemistry C paper, at

SARA Pharm Solutions will attend Biotech Outsourcing Strategies cmc on 10th & 11th June 2015, in Hilton Munich Park, Munich, Germany.

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Sara Pharm Solutions scientists, together with Adaptive Supramolecular Nanosystems Group, IEM, Montpellier, France and the Center for Organic Chemistry, Romanian Academy, Bucharest, managed to compress single alkyl chains inside a self assembled crystalline nanocage. Thus, it was shown that alkyl chains cannot be used as nanosprings, as their compressed states are stabilized by dihydrogen contacts. Furthermore, the self assembly out of water of the nanocage provides insights in complex salt screenings and new drug delivery complexes. More information is available at:

In collaboration with University “Politehnica” Bucharest, Sara Pharm Solution scientists have implemented a knowledge-based, hydrogen bonding propensity model in order to quantify the hydrogen bonding strength between a cytostatic drug and inorganic or inorganic-organic drug delivery systems. Beside fundamental insight into the drug-counterion-carrier system, their efforts have yielded a new strategy for greatly improving the dissolution rate of poorly soluble drugs. More about this topic is available in the RSC Advances paper, found at .

SARA Pharm Solutions was recently authorized by the Romanian Medicine Agency as approved laboratory for the quality control of medicines (finished products and raw materials ) according to GMP.
SARA Pharm is able to perform physicochemical batch testing for product release of medicines imported into the EU.The authorization can be seen here.

The full version of the paper “Azobenzene functionalized mesostructured aluminosilicate for drug release applications”, prepared by Sara Pharm scientists in collaboration with University Politehnica Bucharest and presented at RICCE 18 is now available online. The peer-reviewed paper has been published in Central European Journal of Chemistry and can be found at

SARA Pharm Solutions will be exhibiting at the CPhI Worldwide in Frankfurt, Germany, 22-24th October, in hall 4.2., stand 42D06.

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SARA Pharm Solutions has received European and National funding to develop nanostructured materials withelectrocatalytic activity. The name of the project is SARELCAT and its website can be accessed here.

In collaboration with University Politehnica Bucharest, SARA Pharm Solutions researchers have presented a paper entitled “Azobenzene functionalized mesostructured aluminosilicate for drug release applications” during the 18th edition of the Romanian International Conference on Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (4-7 September 2013, Sinaia, Romania,

More information can be accessed through the conference program, at

SARA Pharm Solutions will be exhibiting at the CPhI Worldwide in Madrid, Spain, 9-11th October, in hall 10, stand 1043.

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